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[Manuscript Authority To Bring Photographic Equipment Into Spain]..

[Manuscript Authority To Bring Photographic Equipment Into Spain]..

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Bifolium, 230 x 185mm, last leaf blank. Manuscript Authority In the form of a letter from Sir John Packington summarising additional correspondence with the Spanish Government and requesting that Farnham Maxwell-Lyte undertake to reexport his equipment following completion of his photographic activities. Maxwell-Lyte was a very significant figure in the early history of photography. Born in Devon and educated at Cambridge, he spent the best part of thirty years living in France working as both chemist and photographer. He developed a new technique of photographic processing and a technique to extend the use of sensitized plates used in wet-collodion processing that involved the use of honey. He also pioneered the use of borax and phosphate toning baths and the use of iodide. II- [Chevenix, Richard]. Autograph letter to Messrs. Mason & Co. Westminster, London: [1858]. Bifolium, 185 x 115mm. Replying to Messrs Mason & Co's invitation to contribute a photograph of himself to a planned production, "Church of England Photographic Gallery" stating that he has no suitable photograph but would be happy to sit for their photographer.

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