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[Manuscript Fair Copy Of The Charter Of Edward VI Of England Restoring The Endowment Of The King's Free Grammar School, Bruton, Somerset]..

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Folio, 33cm, 10ff., Britannia watermark with J.Cripps 1802 countermark. Contemporary light blue wrappers, vertical crease from folding. The King's Free Grammar School, Bruton, Somerset, was established in 1519 by Bishop of London, Richard Fitzjames, Sir John Fitzjames, and John Edmunds, from lands gifted to William Gilbert, Abbot of Bruton Abbey. Gilbert then created the school on Abbey lands for the education of local children. The monastery was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1538 and the school fell into disuse. After petition to Edward VI, he restored the endowment to the school on the 1st May 1550. This manuscript is manuscript fair copy of the 1550 charter, possibly created in 1803 at the point when consideration was been given to create a coal mine on school land at Brewham. A very good copy (stab hole at centre of vertical crease throughout with loss of one letter to concluding three leaves).

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