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Rules. Officers & Committee, Etc., Of The Whitby British School For Boys 1888-1889..

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Bifolium, 21cm, 4p.. The Whitby British School For Boys at Cliff Street, Whitby, appears to have been formed c.1822 and by 1852 cf minutes of the committee of council on education was educating 175 pupils and ran until at least the mid-1890s. Offered here are a list of the officers of the school committee and trustees and detail the operations of the committee, which include appointing the teachers and regulating the internal management of the school; the fees for pupil education (2,3 or 4d per week per boy); that no book, pamphlet or paper may be admitted to the school without approval of the committee; that the committee would appoint and inspector, and more. Final pages include a list of subscribers and a statement of accounts. A very good copy.