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[Printed Prospectus For Leamington College, Warwickshire]..

  • £6000

Bifolium, 4p., old folds from storage, small pin holes to blank right upper corner. Advertising prospectus for Leamington College with a list of staff, an account of the college; system of instruction; rules; examinations and prizes; fees, and holidays. The school was founded in 1848 as a school for boys and reconstituted in 1867. It catered for up to 150 boys and the prospectus tells that it had been "...instituted with the design of providing for the Sons of Noblemen and Gentlemen a sound Classical, Mathematical, and general education at a moderate cost, on the principle of the Public Schools...." the School was divided into two departments - the Classical Department, and the Military, Naval, and Civil Department, with object of preparing boys for the Army, Navy, Civil Service, or engineering. Subjects of study were mathematics, modern languages, English language, history, composition, drawing, freehand, and geometrical. Fees were £16 6s for tuition and £50 for board per annum. A good copy (some soiling to external pages).