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[MANUSCRIPT]. [Short, B]. [Manuscript Commonplace Book & Diary].
[London]: [Entries Dated 1821-1823].
Oblong, 10 x 7cm, 22ff. mostly interleaved with blotting paper, some stubs. Original brown morocco, sewn.

This miniature manuscript commonplace book, pages mostly filled, contains a variety of what appear to be ORIGINAL APHORISMS some short and others longer and short poetic epitaphs on life in general and often with a slightly comic turn. Such as: “He that lives well in the world is better than he who lives well in a monastery,” or “Mortification is only commendable in that it weakens the allurements of taste;” “A prude has often lost her virtue when she has removed her reputation.” Longer reflections follow.

A short diary section covers a single day, 6th June 1823, describing arrival at Pickle Herring Stairs in Southwark by wherry followed by poetic epitaphs. A note on the lower pastedown records “B.Short Esq. left for Falmouth to embark for Spain.” So perhaps created initially to while away quiet hours on the journey.
[Ref: 2306]

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