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[Manuscript Correspondence Concerning The Operations Of the Liverpool Apothecaries Company]..

  • £85000

An interesting Collection of manuscript letters, accounts, reports and printed ephemera relating to the Liverpool Apothecaries Company and manager, John Abraham. John Abraham - seven MS letters - dated 1838, to his Father mentioning opening of the Apothecaries Hall and enquiring after his health; dated 1839, letter to Company requesting salary increase dated 1843, report to company about a staff member; dated 1843, to the company after a decline in his offering to resign; dated 1843, to Company about attendance; dated 1843, about attendance; dated 1843; to Company stating he unable to comply with their request about attendance. From the Liverpool Apothecaries Company to John Abraham - two ms letters & one memorandum - dated 1841, salary offer of £120 per annum and lists expected duties; dated Dec 1843 accepting Abraham's resignation; undated memorandum of expected duties of the various shop staff members - Mr Davies, Mr Shaw, Mr Dean, and an apprentice, detailing their hours and breaks. Printed & MS items relating to the Liverpool Apothecary Company Structure - Printed letter & annual report for 1844; printed letter of discussing attempts to wind up the company thwarted by the owners, undated but [1844]; ms minutes of a Liverpool Apothecary company meeting dated January 1844 with resolutions. Summary Accounts- three ms items - listing sales, purchases & receipts 1838-1842.