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[GREEK BIBLE].TĒS KAINĒS || DIATHĒKĒS || HAPANTA.|| Nouum Testamentum.|| Vt ex Bibliotheca Regia ann. 1546.|| per ROBERTVM STEPHANVM || excusum fuit.

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Francofvrti i.e. Frankfurt: Apud heredes And. Wecheli, Claud. Marnium & Io. Aubrium, 1600.

12mo, 13cm, 892 p. i.e. 861 p.(pag error from p.848 onwards), attractive printers title device of two clasped hands holding an Aesculapian staff with cornucopiae, topped with flying Pegasus and twined with snakes, engraved headpieces and initials. Contemporary vellum, remains of 19th c. brown morocco label, holes for ties.

An attractive and rare first edition of this Estienne Greek New Testament, printed entirely in the Greek italic. A very good copy (small paper flaw to one leaf blanking several words). Worldcat returns a sole Polish holding; Not in COPAC; VD16 ZV 1888.  [Ref: 1787] 

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